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Seaward boats are hand crafted in the UK, ranging from 19ft to 42ft 

UK flag Using ‘Best of British’ design and build quality we deliver first class boats for which Seaward is renowned world-wide.

Seaward Leisure range

Seaward Leisure range c35


Whether you are looking for fun days out on the water with family and friends, or serious off-shore cruising, Seaward Leisure Boats has it covered.

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Seaward  range

Seaward Custom range my39


For the owner who is looking for something unique, we will build a beautifully hand-crafted motor yacht to your own exacting requirements.

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Seaward  range

Seaward Commercial range n40


Using the famous Nelson hull design, our N-range are very capable vessels, proven in operation with pilot services & other commercial operators around the world.

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Seaward was founded by Barry Kimber in Guernsey in 1980 to develop these unique Nelson semi-displacement craft. The original Seaward 23 model was so successful that in 1988 an owner’s club was formed, called the Seaward Squadron, which hosts popular rallies each season. 

Following the success of the 23, Seaward and TT Boat Designs went on to develop 25 & 29ft versions, then the 35 cockpit and aft deck models and, latterly, the 39 and 42. 

The Seaward range was developed with sea-keeping and manoeuvrability at the forefront of the design process. In 2002 the business relocated to its current production facility in Cowes. 



Seaward Classic Leisure Range


The range includes the traditional ‘Seaward Classic’ style and with boats ranging from 19ft to 35ft there is genuinely something for everyone. Whichever you may choose, they all guarantee the legendry Seaward, sea keeping ability.


Seaward Leisure range c19

Seaward C-19

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Seaward Leisure range c25

Seaward C-25

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Seaward Leisure range c29

Seaward C-29

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Seaward Leisure range c35

Seaward C-35

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Seaward Custom Boats


Seaward Motor Yachts are category ‘A’ ocean-going vessels with sea keeping qualities that are legendary, which makes them ideal for extended offshore cruising. 

In order to deliver these luxury motor yachts to our customers we have all of the craftsmanship skills needed in-house. The entire motor yacht from the hull, topsides, interior, engines, and electrical systems are all carried out by our talented and dedicated team.

 The Seaward Motor Yacht range offers an alternative to the mainstream with a vessel that is capable of taking you anywhere.



Seaward Nelson Range of Commercial Boats


  • Seaward N 40
  • Seaward N 35
  • Seaward N 40 interior
  • Seaward N 40
  • Seaward N 35 work boat
  • Seaward N 42


Pilot Boats – Service Launches – Patrol Boats – Survey Boats – General Work Boats 

The Seaward Nelson, N-range includes 29ft, 35ft, 40ft & 42ft vessels. The N-range is built using the famous Nelson hull design, which is the same as used by Halmatic pilot boats. This makes the N-range a very capable fleet of vessels, which are proven in operation with pilot services and other commercial operators around the world. 

We build to international classification society standards and to the requirements of the customer’s local authority. 

Over the last few years, we have delivered pilot boats and service launches to pilotage authorities and commercial operators around the world.

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