Maximize your Greenline experience with GreenPad application

Innovative Greenline Hybrid boats have another innovation on board - GreenPad application. GreenPad maximizes owner’s Greenline experience and enables to monitor the boat wirelessly on an iPad


green padThe GreenPad will be your best friend in voyage planning, boat moni­toring, management and handling, navigation, communication and en­tertainment for your whole family on board.


Greenline developed the GreenPad through the use of protected tech­nology based on a central communication device called the GreenBox. This enables all relevant information from the boat systems to be seam­lessly communicated to the iPad.


We see the GreenPad as a natural development of the Greenline idea: to make boating convenient to all, especially families, safe, easily handled, affordable and environmentally responsible and sustainable.

It is understood that this is only the first step in this direction: the soft­ware and the innumerous ways of using this device will be constantly improved and enhanced. We are starting a wonderful and incredible jour­ney, and the Greenline community will be created and developed with the help of the GreenPad.


WHAT IS GreenPad?

The GreenPad is an iPad application that has been specially developed for the Greenline range of yachts. Wirelessly collecting data from the Green­Box in the engine room, it graphically shows the status of your Greenline on the iPad. All the boat data is presented through a user-friendly inter­face. It is packed with features, easy to use and comes with a customiz­able interface: just slide to set the detail level of your choice. From a clean & intuitive 3D graphic view to a detailed list of all your boat’s functions. Drag the fields to where you want them, turn them off or just snap them back into place. You can zoom in anywhere or double tap the speedom­eter to view it full-screen. When you’re satisfied with the looks, just tap to disable touch functionality, and with the app changing modes automati­cally, you will always see what you need without having to tap a button.


GreenPad VIDEO at Greenline or download pdf brochure >




GREEBLINE 33 HYBRID – Honored with 17 International Awards

Introduced in September 2009 the hybrid boat Greenline 33 found over 200 owners throughout the world already in the first eighteen months of production. Boating world honored Greenline 33 with 17 international awards – and made her arguably the most awarded yacht in history. She is also the world’s best seller in the 10 m size for two consecutive years. Greeline hybrid concept, a low-drag energy saving Superdisplacement® hull coupled with hybrid (diesel/electric) and solar technology, proved to be set right.

GREENLINE 40 HYBRID – The newest in Greenline Family

The Greenline 40 Hybrid is a development of her smaller sister, the Greenline 33 Hybrid. She is a larger yacht with the same philosophy: A low-drag energy saving Superdisplacement® hull coupled with hybrid (diesel/electric) and solar technology brings unique efficiency in use of natural resourses and your financial assets at purchase and during the use of this motoryacht. With her great ease of handling, unmatched safety and seaworthiness this boat provides you with the comforts of your home for longlasting well-being on board.


GREENLINE OCEAN CLASS 70 - Making a new era in extended world cruising

The Ocean Class 70 continues with the philosophy of her smaller sisters, Greenline 33, but takes comfort and range to a new level. With her seaworthy Superdisplacement™ hull allowing for a transoceanic range, coupled to solar and hybrid technology, this particular vessel is about to have a huge impact on the boating community in the years to come, increasing the comfort and decreasing the cost of boating in a significant way – while drastically reducing the carbon emission footprint of a boating family.


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