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The 7th generation of First sailing yachts is a distillation of sensations and simplicity. Competitive sailing is entering a new era with high-spirited boats designed for family and friends. Fun, Intuitive, tough, simple, smart: a brilliant reinvention of the FIRST legend!


Whether owners are racing against others in one-design classes or are engaging in adventure sailing, the First SE connects them to the elements and helps them experience nature in the most authentic way.


Drawing power from the same exhilarating hulls as their SE counterparts the First range offers simpler systems, aluminium masts, more comfortable interiors and cockpits geared towards daysailing and coastal cruising, these boats adapt to the different needs and expectations of a wide variety of users.


The First Yacht sets its sights on high-performance cruising and more, if you are keen on regattas, this “Luxury Performance” sailing yacht was designed for expert sailors and demanding owners.


First & First Yacht

First SE



A carbon rig, laminate sails and other technological features give sailors the ultimate sailing experience, performance and control.

Beneteau First SE Yachts Range
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Designed for performance, the First range makes no compromises to safety or seamanship on board. The choice of materials and the manufacturing processes use the latest technology and make it possible to combine durability, lightness and ergonomics. The deck and cockpit layouts are configured to combine ease of movement with practicality, but also comfort and design flair. Equipment is sourced from the worlds leading suppliers and rigs and sailplans to maximise power with ease of handling.


Created by Beneteau thirty years ago, the First range still shows incredible vitality. Through the years it has continued to lead the market and establish new trends and directions with its capacity to innovate and set new style through superb design. With a renewed vision for performance the First range creates a perfect blend of elegance od design, comfort and performance.


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Designed with flair, First are yachts for those seeking beauty and designed as thoroughbreds which is apparent under sail or at rest at anchor. The worlds leading designers have demonstrated their skills over the years with the Firsts elegant lines and strong character.


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Sailing reinvented

An elusive combination of luck, passion, and an urge to take on new challenges brought us together to discuss a question that is both simple yet complicated in terms of the solutions required. How can we combine the vision and know-how of two very different brands in terms of history, culture and scale, to offer the best possible sailing experience?

We quickly figured out that it would take more than boats to live up to our intentions. We will have to work on creating a completely new ecosystem: from the sailing interface to digital learning applications, including special events and, of course, races. In addition to our new range of boats, it means successfully creating new content and services, essential to creating a new experience.




2018: First 14; Wins Sail Magazine Best boat in the Daysailer category

2011: First 30; Wins Sailing World's 2011 Boat of the Year

2010: First 40 wins Boat of the Year Award  by Sailing World Magazine for Best Crossover

2010: First 40 wins the "Best production sailing boat" category

2010: First 34 Wins "Best yacht" of the Helsinki International Boat Show

2009: Beneteau First 34 Wins Yacht of the Year Award from Voile Magazine

2009: First 45; Nominated in the "Performance cruiser" category

2008: First 45 Wins "Yacht of the Croatia Boat Show"

2007: the First 50 has been elected four times "Boat of the year" by Vela Motore (Italy), Sailing (USA), Val Nautika (Slovenia) and Sail (USA)


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